SPANS Workshop: How the SPANS can be used to assess mental capacity (free event) - Oxford

You are invited to attend our first workshop on the Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status (SPANS)! The workshop takes place on the afternoon of 10th November 2017 in central Oxford and will be led by the SPANS author, Dr Gerald 'Jerry' Burgess.

The SPANS is a UK-normed short battery of cognitive, perceptual and language tasks, examining seven crucial areas for accurate cognitive analysis. You can find further information on the SPANS here.

In this workshop you’ll learn about:

  •     The design features of the SPANS
  •     Why it was developed, and how it is more useful than other brief neuropsychological tests
  •     A ‘walk through’ administration, scoring, and interpretation
  •     What needs to be assessed to determine mental capacity? (BPS guidance)
  •     An illustrative case of mental capacity assessment using the SPANS
  •     Q&A with the author

This free workshop provides a good opportunity for those who are considering using the SPANS but need to know more, those who have purchased the SPANS but are yet to get started, and those who are considering switching to the SPANS from less comprehensive and reliable measures. Those who are interested in assessing older adults may also wish to attend as plans are currently underway to extend the norms of the SPANS to cover ages 74 to 89.

All delegates will receive a free SPANS manual and scoring booklet on the day, plus an exclusive 25% discount on the SPANS kit!


Hogrefe House, Oxford
Albion Place
Oxford OX1 1QZ


Up to 20 Delegates