Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI) Training Course - Oxford

Qualify in the use of this popular senior level assessment tool from the test's authors themselves!

The course is held in our training room in Oxford and runs from 9.30-16:30; lunch and refreshments will be provided and an LJI-2 Standard manual is included.

The agenda will be confirmed ahead of the day but will a rough structure to the day will include:

  1. Welcome and introduction to the Workshop
  2. Introduction to the LJI and LJA and their underlying approach to the assessment of leadership judgement
  3. How to interpret assessment findings
  4. How to use the LJI and LJA to best effect at the levels of individual, team and organisation
  5. The development of the LJI and LJA and their technical properties
  6. How to develop leadership judgement at the levels of individual, team and organisation
  7. Feedback practice
  8. Case studies
  9. Accreditation and advice for ongoing CPD
  10. Short introduction to testing using the Hogrefe Testsystem

This course will be taught specially by LJI authors Bob Wheeler and Michael Lock - don't miss this chance to learn from the assessment creators themselves!

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Hogrefe House, Oxford
Albion Place
Oxford OX1 1QZ


1 day

“I enjoyed hearing in more detail about the different leadership styles and the opportunity to practice feedback.”

“Completing the feedback with my partner really brought the tool to life.”


LJI Accreditation