Introduction to ADOS-2 Course - (Central Oxford)

Suitable for professionals intending to use ADOS-2 for clinical purposes. The course caters to both professionals with no prior experience of the ADOS and those who would like to update their previous training.

For those who are new to ADOS-2, this course provides a thorough introduction to the assessment. For those who have some previous experience or training, this is an excellent in-depth refresher on the new features of the assessment.

The course is not suitable for those intending to use the ADOS-2 for research purposes or professionals working with toddlers under 30 months who may require training in the Toddler Module.

Course Content

  • Experienced trainer demonstrates the administration, administering and coding of the ADOS-2, and describes the operational diagnostic criteria for ASD.
  • Delegates have the opportunity to practice and discuss scoring while observing a video recording of the administering of the ADOS-2 to a child with ASD.
  • The workshop focuses primarily on Modules 1 through 4, suitable for children aged 31 months to adulthood.

Post-course Requirements

Delegates will be awarded a Certificate of Clinical Reliability on completion of the course and the associated post-work. The post-course assignment requires delegates to view and code a film which will be sent by the trainer to the delegates via a link. The film is confidential and there will be a time limit of 3 months in which to complete this task before the film expires. The trainer sends a coding spreadsheet to complete which is to be emailed back to the trainer, who will provide detailed feedback on the delegate's reliability rates and make recommendations for improvement if necessary. The assignment should take no longer than 3 and a half hours to complete and delegates have up to three months to return their work. Accreditation is provided only upon completion of the post-course assignment.

ADOS-2 reliability meetings with the trainer are recommended post-course and are available at Hogrefe at an extra £120 + VAT. These meetings offer the opportunity for delegates to improve their reliability rates to the recommended 80% through further discussion and clarification of coding. Information can be found here.


  • Courses run from 9.00am to 5.00pm on each day. There is a 45-minute break for lunch and 15-minute breaks in the mornings and afternoons.
  • The price per delegate includes course materials, lunches and refreshments.

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Up to 15 Delegates
2 days

"Thank you for everything, it was an honour and privilege meeting. If there is a more than 100% score, I would have given it to my degree of satisfaction. I am certainly going to put what I learned to practice . This will mean I will be giving my patients and their families a better deal."

"I have learnt a lot! Thank you. Really useful to have input from different professions."

"Fantastic - very engaging, made it really interactive and interesting, huge amount of expertise. Thank you!"

“Good quality speaker and showed good knowledge of topic & issues with ADOS.  Thank you. Well presented.”

“Really well done, well presented and clear intro to ADOS assessment.”

“Brilliant trainer and fascinating course.”

"It was a pleasure training with you. I hope I will have the chance to attend another one of your courses in the future."

"I had  very good time and  fantastic  learning experience"

"I found Marianna extremely knowledgeable and helpful as were the group discussions... The administrative side of things has been excellent."


Delegates will be awarded a Certificate of Clinical Reliability on completion of the course and the associated post-work. 

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