ADOS-2 Reliability Meeting - Virtual

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for ADOS-2 trained professionals to hone their administration and coding skills, discuss their cases and access group supervision related to the use of ADOS-2 - all facilitated by a highly experienced ADOS 2 trainer.

This workshop is suitable equally for clinicians as well as researchers seeking to confirm their ADOS-2 reliability rates are within the recommended levels. ADOS-2 Reliability meetings provide a tailored opportunity for newly trained users to improve their reliability rates - and for the experienced users, to ensure their reliability rates are in line with international calibration.


  • *Please note that bookings can only be confirmed on receipt of payment / purchase order. These are virtual courses conducted online via Zoom. As with any third party application, we urge delegates to become familiar with the platform and ensure they agree with any terms and conditions before signing onto the course.

  • £ 120.00 (excl. VAT)
    09:00 - 17:00
    ADOS-2 Reliability Meeting

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