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Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Second Edition

Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Steven C. Guy, PhD & Lauren Kenworth, PhD

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The BRIEF-2 assesses executive function in children and adolescents.

Suitable for

Individuals aged 5 to 18 years

Language Versions

US English (Paper and Pencil); UK English (HTS 5)

Product Description

The BRIEF-2 is the second edition of the widely popular rating scale of executive function that continues to be as efficient, comprehensive, and consistent with current models as its predecessor. The assessment includes rating forms for teachers and parents (for ages 5-18), and a self-report form for children and adolescents (for ages 11-18).

The BRIEF-2 with UK-adapted items and US norms is available on our online testing platform, HTS 5. With the HTS 5 edition, you can administer and score the test online for immediate results. A separate report can be generated for each form completed, or all forms that were completed about a particular child can be combined into one multireport (at no extra charge). A short online guide explaining HTS 5 and the reports generated is included with each order.

All users of the HTS 5 edition should also ensure that they purchase the BRIEF-2 manual, if they don't already have a copy. The HTS 5 edition is currently available without subscription or administration charges.

The BRIEF-2 is also available via paper and pencil for hand-scoring and if desired, information from the paper forms could be transferred to the online system to generate digital reports.

Features and benefits

  • Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report forms are now discussed in one manual and have increased parallel structure. This content overlap, combined with the presentation of rater discrepancy base rates, makes examining multiple rater perspectives easy.
  • Contains more concise scales, which reduce the burden on the parent, teacher, and adolescent respondent.
  • Increased parallelism in item content, with most items shared between the Parent Form and Teacher Form and approximately half of the items also shared with the Self-Report Form.
  • 12-item Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report (for ages 11-18) Screening Forms quickly indicate whether executive function assessment is needed (available for paper and pencil edition only).

Test structure

  • Improved empirical scale structure includes separate Task-Monitor and Self-Monitor scales.
  • In addition to the two validity indicators on the original BRIEF, a new Infrequency Scale helps identify unusual responding.
  • No new items were added to the clinical scales, allowing for consistency of data collection between the BRIEF and the BRIEF-2.

Technical information

  • Improved internal structure, with scales supported by factor analysis and three indexes consistent with widely accepted theory: Behavior Regulation, Emotion Regulation, and Cognitive Regulation.
  • Clinical data provide support for evidence-based assessment and interpretation of clinical profiles.
  • Reliable change statistics make it easy to measure the significance of change in scores over time.


Please note that we no longer stock the old edition of the BRIEF assessment - please contact us if you need any assistance.


Qualification level required:
Level 2. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance


Large, nationally stratified standardization sample is matched by age, gender, ethnicity, and parent education level to U.S. Census proportions.


10 minutes for full assessment; 5 minutes for Screening Form; 15 minutes to score

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