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Leadership Judgement Assessor

Michael Lock, Robert Wheeler & Nick Burnard

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The LJA examines managers’ leadership judgement using a unique dynamic assessment approach.

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People working in graduate, managerial or professional jobs where leadership judgement is an important or critical competency for job success.

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Product Description

The LJA uses a unique dynamic assessment approach, examining managers’ breadth and level of leadership judgement. The LJA’s unique “live” system brings theory into real-world practice by exploring the individual’s own distinctive leadership scenarios. Its interactive, innovative software can even establish mid-assessment whether or not a candidate has the capability to further develop leadership judgement.

Using 10 judgement scenarios, LJA respondents are asked to:

  • select two test-appropriate scenarios from their own leadership experiences
  • analyse each scenario using the LJA software, using a similar method to the system’s recommended approach
  • discuss the similarities and differences between predicted and actual leadership styles, and examine the pattern of responses

Individuals are assessed throughout the test and given the chance to adapt their styles and responses based on real-time feedback.

When used in conjunction with the psychometric-based Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI), the LJA’s dynamic assessment approach becomes even more powerful and conclusive.


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