To purchase you need to be authorized to one of the following groups:
  • To purchase this product, you must provide evidence of your qualifications in test use. We can accept the completed application form, a relevant membership number (HCPC/BPS), or a copy of your applicable degree or certificate (master, diploma, specific training). You can either upload the document directly during the checkout process, or send it to us directly by email or fax. We reserve the right to ask for further evidence of qualification as necessary.


Hogrefe Testsystem 5: Subscriptions (HTS 5)


* Please note that HTS 5 test purchases require either an HTS 5 subscription or the purchase of a 'full-service administration'

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Hogrefe Testsystem test users are invited to subscribe and enjoy major discounts and benefits for test use on our newest test platform.

Product Description

How does the subscription model work?

Both new and existing users of our HTS 5 system will be able to choose from either a subscription or a non-subscription option. With the subscription model, users will pay an annual fee - which then allows them access to a full range of discounted pricing, based on the quantities of test takers they have. Those opting not to use the subscription model will pay our regular prices.

What types of subscription models does Hogrefe offer?

Our subscription options are as follows:

No subscription:
  • We will charge an administrative fee of £32 + VAT for the set up of tests and downloading of results)
  • Fixed price for each test, regardless of quantity purchased
With subscription:
  • Basic subscription: £150/user account
  • Test set up, report download and data export
  • Remote and local test taking
  • Quick input option
  • Test taker management
  • Overlaying multiple profile sheets (for up to 10
    test takers)
  • Upgrade to full subscription: £60/user account - £200 total (call us now on 01865 797920 and ask for product code 5901303)
  • Everything included in basic subscription
  • Creation of ‘target profiles’ on screen
  • Ranking of test takers relative to target profiles
  • Analysis of test taker results over time
  • Group profiles and group test statistics down to
    item level


Which HTS 5 Edition should I purchase?

You'll want to consider your clients' or organisation's needs, as well as the features and functions that are most important or useful to you. Please contact us for a complete breakdown of the functionality of each model, as well as the bespoke features included within the different editions.

You can call us on 01865 797920 or email if you're looking for guidance on which option is right for you.

Which Hogrefe tests are available, and where can I purchase credits for them?

We currently offer the following tests on the HTS 5 system, and you can purchase credits by following the links below. 

The number of tests we offer on HTS 5 is growing. You are welcome to contact us for further details of forthcoming publications.

How does the pricing model work for subscriptions?

Essentially, the more you buy, the more you can save - with a nominal annual fee giving you access to the discounts. Without a subscription you'll pay our everyday competitive prices. However, purchasing an annual subscription will allow you to buy in bulk with ease and added discount - contact us directly to understand how these discounts work. Subscription fees will be charged per calendar year - those started mid-year will be charged pro rata (by quarter). The prices shown on this page will be updated throughout the year to reflect this.

Where can I find more in-depth information about the Hogrefe Testsystem?

If you are a current user and you'd like more in-depth information on using the system, we have an HTS 5 User Guide available for consultation online. You can also watch the HTS 5 Tutorial Series on our YouTube channel by clicking on the window below.