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English Language Understanding Test

G. Williams

Paper and Pencil

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This ELT looks directly at an individual’s proficiency in the understanding and use of the English language.

Success in the test requires reasonable word knowledge and an ability to understand prose by using context and grammar, rather than familiarity with the content. Although these skills can undoubtedly be improved with specific practice, the test results give a clear picture of the candidates' current proficiency.

Suitable for

Any level of occupation or educational qualification, although it has been specifically researched for use at post A-Level.

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Product Description

The test consists of two short sections, each of seven minutes.

  • In part one the candidate chooses from a selection of four words, the one word which best fits the meaning of the text. This part is primarily word knowledge but also requires a basic understanding of grammar in looking at contextual cues.
  • Part two is more concerned with accuracy and understanding. The candidate is required to find the errors in a passage of text which can be spelling, punctuation, grammar or the use of inappropriate words. In addition, the subject of the text is unlikely to be familiar to the candidates and therefore the ability to grasp new topics can also be assessed.


Qualification level required:
Test User Occupational: Ability, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance


Public Sector Applicants, Private Sector Applicants, UK Job Applicants.