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SON-R 2-8

SON-R 2-8 Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

Peter J. Tellegen & Jacob A. Laros

Paper and Pencil

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Measures general intelligence in children aged 2-8 years.

Suitable for

Ages 2 to 8 years

Language Versions

English and Dutch

Product Description

The scale requires no verbal or written instructions and this makes it suitable for children with a hearing impairment, learning difficulties, or language and verbal communication barriers.

As an adaptive test, the SON-R can be carried out rapidly without compromising reliability. Written and spoken language are not required, and the adaptive format helps to both assess and motivate the child. Test takers get feedback throughout the test, allowing them to alter their strategies – this also allows the test user to easily omit tasks deemed too easy or too difficult.

The subtests can be grouped into two types: reasoning tests (Categories, Analogies and Situations) and spatial performance tests (Mosaics, Puzzles and Patterns). In the reasoning tests, the correct solution is chosen from a number of given alternatives. However, perceptual, spatial and reasoning ability play a role in all of the subtests. The performance tests are named accordingly because the item is solved while manipulating the test stimuli.

Scoring and analysis software is supplied with the kit. After the raw scores, test date and date of birth have been entered, the standardised scores are calculated and a profile sheet can be printed out. The standardised scores are based on the exact age of the subject.


Qualification level required:

Level 2. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance



Standardised on Dutch children aged 2 years and 0 months to 7 years and 11 months. The standardisation was conducted in 2016.


Approximately 50 minutes (excluding breaks).

Ref-ID: U_SON-R 2-8_L / P-ID: U_SON-R 2-8