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Academic Achievement Battery Comprehensive Form

Melissa A. Messer, MHS


The AAB is a complete achievement assessment, offering both a comprehensive battery as well as a screening version for use with individuals throughout the lifespan.

Note -- AAB has recently been approved by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) for inclusion on their list of suitable tests for the assessment of specific learning difficulties in higher education in the UK. They also include guidance on using this assessment in the UK. You can visit their website and see the full list of SASC-approved assessments' here.

Suitable for

Suitable for ages 4 to 85 years.

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Product Description

Features and benefits

  • Administration and scoring are straightforward and easy—and both comprehensive and screening versions have a Fast Guide to help you get started.
  • Provides age- and grade-based (autumn and spring) norms.

Comprehensive Form

  • Can be administered in about 90 minutes and scored in 15 minutes.
  • The Academic Achievement Battery Composite, a total score, provides an overview of the individual’s overall performance on the various aspects of achievement measured by the AAB.
  • A skills analysis enables you to investigate the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and offers a wealth of data with which to make interpretations and recommendations.
  • Provides composite-to-composite and subtest-to-subtest discrepancy scores and reliable change scores.

Technical information

  • Reliability coefficients for the subtests range from .77 to .97 and from .88 to .98 for the composite scores across the age- and grade-based normative samples.
  • AAB subtest and composite scores were found to be highly correlated with similar constructs on the WJ® III, KTEA™ -II, WRAT4, and WIAT® -III.
  • The manual includes evidence supporting the ability of the AAB to differentiate performance in individuals with various learning disabilities, intellectual disorder, ADHD, and speech/language impairment.
  • Includes reliable change scores and ability–achievement discrepencies with the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales™, Second Edition (RIAS™2).

Which version of AAB is right for me?

  AAB Standard Form AAB Comprehensive Form AAB Screening Form 
What it does Delivers a quick measure of basic academic skills, including a reading comprehension subtest Provides a complete assessment of an individual's overall performance on seven disparate aspects of achievement  Offers a snapshot of an individual's performance in four areas of achievement, including a measure of writing
Administration and scoring time 15-30 minutes to administer; 5-10 minutes to score 90 minutes to administer; 15 minutes to score 15-30 minutes to administer; 5-10 minutes to score
When to use it  To obtain a quick and accurate measure of an individual's performance that includes a reading comprehension subtest To conduct an in-depth and complete assessment of academic achievement  To perform a fast and reliable screening of academic achievement that offers an optional writing subtest
How it helps clinicians Offers a quick, efficient masure of academic achievement that includes a Reading Composite score, which provides more data to understand an individual's reading skills Provides a complete assessment of an individual's academic skills that is suitable for use in eligibility decisions or intervention planning; IQ discrepancy data are available Delivers a fundamental evaluation of academic skills for those referred for learning or vocational concerns


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