A Guide for Patients. An Introduction for Care-Providers. A Quick Reference

by Josef Flammer

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Glaucoma is a disease that poses a serious threat to vision. Patients seek to know how the disease originates, whether they did something “wrong” to cause it, whether a change in their lifestyle can improve it, and which treatment options are available. This book will provide patients, relatives and friends, as well as care providers and even those simply interested in this topic with a better understanding of the clinical picture of glaucoma.

Table of Contents



Purpose of the Book
What is Glaucoma?
What is Glaucomatous Damage?
What are the Consequences of Glaucomatous -Damage?
How Common is Glaucoma?

Glaucomatous Damage

Phenomenology of Glaucomatous Damage
How does Glaucomatous Damage Arise?

Classification of the Various Types of Glaucoma

Congenital Glaucoma
Infantile Glaucoma
Juvenile Glaucoma
Primary Chronic Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG)
Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma
Secondary Glaucoma

Risk Factors

General Risk Factors for an Increase in IOP
Risk Factors for Glaucomatous Damage

Pathogenesis of Glaucomatous Damage

Apoptosis “Programmed Cell Death”
The Importance of Ocular Perfusion
Reperfusion Damage
Activation of Glial Cells
Altered Micro-Environment
The Pathogenetic Concept

Diagnosing Glaucoma

Which Symptoms are Noticed by the Patient?
When Should an Ophthalmologist be Consulted?
Examination by the Ophthalmologist
Documenting the Papilla and Nerve Fiber Layer
Testing the Visual Field
Assessing Ocular Perfusion
Special Examinations
Blood Chemistry


General Remarks Regarding Treatment Options
IOP-Lowering Medication
IOP-Reducing Laser Treatment
IOP-Lowering Operations
Enhancing Ocular Perfusion
Alternative Forms of Therapy

Living with Glaucoma

Lifestyle and Nutrition
Leisure and Stress
Contact Lenses
Pregnancy and Nursing

Supplementary Chapters

Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System
The Development of the Eye
Optics of the Eye
Diabetis Melitus
Vascular Regulation and Dysregulation
Age-related Macular Degeneration
Visual Field Examination/Perimetry
Measuring Perfusion
Ocular Pharmacotherapy
How do Lasers Function?


Catalog of Medications
Additional Reading Material
Online Sites for the Visually Impaired
Ophthalmology in Developing Countries
"Overall, this is a nice book and there are not too many written for patients about glaucoma. In this sense, the book is helpful. It is well written and the pictures are helpful. Patients with an avid interest in learning beyond what the normal patient-oriented glaucoma literature offers will find this book of value."
Prithvi S. Sankar, MD, in Doody's Book Review, 2007

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