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Vasa is the European Journal of Vascular Medicine. It is the official organ of the German, Swiss, and Slovenian Societies of Angiology, and the European Society for Vascular Medicine.


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About the Journal

Vasa publishes original research articles, case reports and reviews on vascular biology, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, medical treatment and interventions for diseases of the arterial circulation, in the field of phlebology and lymphology including the microcirculation, except the cardiac circulation.

Vasa combines basic science with clinical medicine making it relevant to all physicians interested in the whole vascular field.

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Vasa – European Journal of Vascular Medicine – Special Issue on "Health Insurance Claims Data in Vascular Research and Quality Improvement"

Health insurance claims data (HIC) and other administrative data sources recently regain the attention of the scientific community in vascular medicine. Advantages and limitations of HIC, as an important part of the real-world-evidence, are controversially discussed. Their quality and comparability are likely to improve over time if researchers continue using and validating these data and not just dismissing them because of known limitations. The guest editors of the Special Issue will be Dr. Christian-Alexander Behrendt, MD, and Professor Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD.

This Special Issue will combine contemporary reviews and original research studies addressing the advantages and limitations of health insurance claims data and comparable administrative data.

Preliminary topics include:

  • Comparative outcome studies on vascular treatments (e.g., abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease) using health insurance claims data
  • Studies or study protocols illuminating the internal or external validity of claims data
  • Systematic literature reviews on available validation studies in claims-based research
  • Development or validation of risk scores or classifications utilizing claims data
  • Combination or cross-linking of claims data with other data sources (e.g., registry data)
  • Device-related or drug-related studies using health insurance claims data
  • Studies illuminating the outpatient treatment of vascular diseases utilizing claims data
  • Volume-outcome analyses using claims data

We invite you to contribute original manuscripts to "Health Insurance Claims Data in Vascular Research and Quality Improvement" based on your research related to the above-mentioned topics. The final submission deadline for review articles and research articles is August 15st, 2019. Manuscripts submitted after the due date will not be accepted for this Special Issue.

To avoid overlap of topics, please first send the tentative title of your manuscript to the Guest Editors at and as well as the editor-in-chief at When you are ready to submit your article, please go to and choose the Article Type "Special Issue: Claims Data".

Please note that all manuscripts will go through a thorough peer review process and acceptance to this Special Issue is not guaranteed. Thank you.

We are a looking forward to the submissions for the Special Issue of Vasa – European Journal of Vascular Medicine.

Special Issue Editors
Dr. Christian-Alexander Behrendt, MD, Department of Vascular Medicine
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD, Healthcare Policy and Weill Cornell Medical College
New York City, United States

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Creutzig
Hannover, Germany

Editor's Picks


The compelling arguments for the need of medical vascular physicians in Europe
Christian Heiss, Juraj Madaric, Jill Belch, Marianne Brodmann, Lucia Mazzolai

High tolerance of progressive elastic compression in peripheral arterial disease
Serge Couzan, Jean-François Pouget, Claire Le Hello, Céline Chapelle, Silvy Laporte, Patrick Mismetti

French vascular physicians’ practices in indicating antiplatelet and anticoagulation therapy in venous thromboembolism
Antoine Fayol, Damien Lanéelle, Clément Hoffmann, Guillaume Mahé, Isabelle Mahé

Vascular trauma of the hand – a systematic review
Uwe Wahl, Ingmar Kaden, Andreas Köhler, Tobias Hirsch

Non-invasive ultrasound-based imaging of atherosclerosis
Mathias Kaspar, Iris Baumgartner, Daniel Staub, Heinz Drexel, Christoph Thalhammer

Ultrasound and contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging in the diagnosis of acute aortic pathologies
Jan Giovanna Negrão de Figueiredo, Katharina Müller-Peltzer, Vincent Schwarze, Johannes Rübenthaler, Dirk-André Clevert


Sex hormones and venous thromboembolism – from contraception to hormone replacement therapy
Jan Beyer-Westendorf, Rupert Bauersachs, Viola Hach-Wunderle, Rainer B. Zotz, Hannelore Rott

Management of the left subclavian artery during TEVAR – complications and mid-term follow-up
Akram Youssef, Tamer Ghazy, Stephan Kersting, Jennifer Lynne Leip, Ralf-Thorsten Hoffmann, Utz Kappert, Klaus Matschke, Norbert Weiss, Adrian Mahlmann

Endovascular treatment of post-thrombotic and non-thrombotic iliofemoral venous outflow obstructions with self-expanding nitinol stents
Anna K. Stuck, Thomas Reich, Rolf P. Engelberger, Tim Sebastian, Nils Kucher

PCSK9 inhibition for LDL lowering and beyond – implications for patients with peripheral artery disease
Katrin Gebauer and Holger Reinecke

Management of cancer-associated venous thromboembolism – a case-based practical approach
Minna Voigtlaender and Florian Langer

Carotid stenosis – basing treatment on individual patients’ needs. Optimal medical therapy alone or accompanied by stenting or endarterectomy
Ralf Langhoff


ESVM guidelines – the diagnosis and management of Raynaud’s phenomenon
Jill Belch, Anita Carlizza, Patrick H. Carpentier, Joel Constans, Faisel Khan, Jean-Claude Wautrecht, Adriana Visona, Christian Heiss, Marianne Brodeman, Zsolt Pécsvárady, Karel Roztocil, Mary-Paula Colgan, Dragan Vasic, Anders Gottsäter, Beatrice Amann-Vesti, Ali Chraim, Pavel Poredoš, Dan-Mircea Olinic, Juraj Madaric, Sigrid Nikol, Ariane L. Herrick, Muriel Sprynger, Peter Klein-Weigel, Franz Hafner, Daniel Staub, Zan Zeman

Statement for Doppler waveforms analysis
Guillaume Mahé, Carine Boulon, Ileana Desormais, Philippe Lacroix, Luc Bressollette, Jean-Louis Guilmot, Claire Le Hello, Marie-Antoinette Sevestre, Gilles Pernod, Joel Constans, Christian Boissier, Alessandra Bura-Rivière

Rationale and design of the RECording COurses of vasculaR Diseases registry (RECCORD registry)
Nasser M. Malyar, Jürgen Stausberg, Wulf D. Ito, Heinz Kölble, Ralf Langhoff, Holger Lawall, Michael Lichtenberg, Jens Stegemann, Marcus Treitl, Norbert Weiss, Ulrich Hoffmann

Credentialing in interventional therapy in Europe – comparison of curricula including endovascular therapy of arterial diseases
Karl-Ludwig Schulte, Pia M. Jungmann, Vladimir Makaloski, Lino Goncalves, Markus Steinbauer, Susanne Vonberg, Beatrix B. Doerr, Ralf Langhoff, Frederic Baumann

German guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery disease – a comprehensive update 2016
Holger Lawall, Peter Huppert, Christine Espinola-Klein, Claudia Silke Zemmrich, Gerhard Ruemenapf

Increased vascular occlusion in patients with pseudoxanthoma elasticum
Simon Pingel, Kristin Solveig Pausewang, Sebastian Gorgonius Passon, Anna Katharina Blatzheim, Martin Gliem, Peter Charbel Issa, Doris Hendig, Fritz Horlbeck, Izabela Tuleta, Georg Nickenig, Nadjib Schahab, Dirk Skowasch, Christian Alexander Schaefer

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