Hogrefe Ltd’s response to the COVID-19 virus

Last updated: 24/04/2020

With this unprecedented situation evolving day-by-day, for most of us, our workplaces and work methods are adapting just as rapidly.

In light of recent UK Government guidance, our staff members are now working remotely from home. Fortunately, we are well-equipped to do this, and we will continue to provide our services, including delivery of both online and paper and pencil assessments for the foreseeable future. Our customer service team remains available, and we will do everything we can to help our clients as you continue your important work across the clinical, educational and occupational assessment world – even in this altered landscape. Psychological services are crucial, and particularly in this current climate.

While safety is absolutely paramount, we remain committed to helping to limit the business impact of this pandemic. For our clients accessing assessments online, our Hogrefe Testsystem platform, our internal systems and other client platforms are designed to ensure your needs for our products and services can be supported – from anywhere, and at any time.

We have already postponed all in-person training events throughout March, April and May, and will consider options for June and beyond as the situation becomes clearer. That said, technology has allowed us all to learn new ways we can connect online – and to that end, we have taken this as an opportunity to use online training platforms like Zoom for several of our courses.

Many delegates have welcomed the chance to continue training and learning online wherever possible, which is why we have been able to run a selection of courses while still observing physical distancing rules. Our popular NEO Personality Inventory, Third Edition (NEO-PI-3), Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) and Dark Triad of Personality at Work (TOP) courses have all run virtually in the past week, and we will continue to make this option available where there is demand. If you have recently registered your place on a face-to-face course, contact us to find out if you are able to partake in online training.

We also intend to create new opportunities to connect online for the duration of this difficult time – ways to bring our communities together; to share ideas and keep learning and growing in our various areas of psychology and psychometrics. Please stay tuned for news of online events that we hope will help to motivate you through these very uncharted waters.

This, of course, is a rapidly developing situation with many unknowns. For the moment, we urge you only to put your health and wellbeing – and that of your families – first. Please, if you have specific questions in relation to our service provision, do not hesitate to contact us directly – we remain committed to answering your queries and keeping our lines of communication open.

Contact us: For all general enquiries: customersupport@hogrefe.co.uk

Purchase orders and clinical orders: orders@hogrefe.co.uk +44 1865 797 920


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