The best gets better: introducing NEO-PI-3

Expanding and improving upon the previous edition of the NEO, NEO-PI-3 UK Edition features new norms and added features.

Based on the Five-Factor Model (FFM) of personality, it measures the 'Big Five' personality domains and the six most salient specific attributes (facets) arising from each. The FFM derives from decades of research on the structure of personality and has been consistently replicated across cultures. It is now widely recognised as the predominant personality taxonomy.

The NEO was the first psychometric instrument designed to measure the FFM and remains the most comprehensive. Across editions, the NEO has demonstrated utility in occupational, clinical and research settings. Each subsequent NEO edition has reflected advances in our understanding of personality structure. NEO-PI-3 incorporates recent research from personality neuroscience, giving greater clarification of the biological bases of the inventory and providing additional evidence for its robustness as a comprehensive measure of personality.

Updates in NEO-PI-3 (UK Edition):

  • Items reviewed and refreshed for readability and relevance to the changing landscape of life and lifestyles.
  • Norms have been updated (2015), based on a re-standardisation of the UK population.
  • Reading level has been lowered for improved international access.
  • New and updated research.

Practitioners already qualified in use of NEO PI-R can expect to gain all the insight they need via the new manual. Test users new to the NEO can join one of our upcoming NEO-PI-3 training courses.

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