The Growth of LJI

Ask Michael Lock of Formula 4 Leadership where the concept for the measure began and he'll take you back in time 15 to 20 years - to a chance encounter with Bob Wheeler and a casual discussion on leadership and values. Using a foundation built on the theories and ideas of scholars and practitioners alike, the co-authors started to create the concept for the Leadership Judgement Indicator, an assessment built to be engaging and accessible on the scaffolding of a decision tree.

The LJI is now in its second edition, with additional versions for the international business market (Global LJI), the sales industry (Sales LJI) and more. The LJI family also boasts a useful tool called the Leadership Judgement Assessor - complimentary to the LJI, the LJA fleshes out the responses given through a dynamic assessment process.

In fact, Michael refers to the use of the LJI together with the LJA as the 'Rolls Royce' of leadership assessments, together deftly covering aptitude, personality and judgement - and crucially, helping a recruiter prepare rich and relevant interview questions.

"The LJI takes a more abstract situation to help people understand their leadership style," he explains, "and the LJA then brings it to a more concrete place and allows them to better understand their judgement."

In fact, the LJA's unique "live" system brings theory into real-world practice by exploring the individual's own distinctive leadership scenarios. Its interactive, innovative software can even establish mid-assessment whether or not a candidate has the capability to further develop leadership judgement.

As we know, leaders in thriving business environments must respond daily to complex challenges, diverse teams, and hard decisions - while acting with the high level of competency required to effectively lead a team. The Leadership Judgement suite of assessments examines leadership capability from multiple angles for several outcomes: recruitment, assessment and development.

Hogrefe together with Formula 4 Leadership is hosting a free LJI accreditation workshop at the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology conference in Liverpool in January 2017.

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