Supporting children's mental health with SEDAL

The newly-published Social-Emotional Development Age Level (SEDAL) offers increased potential to better understand and support a child's positive development - crucial to the child's advancement, and possibly also a sound investment in line with a recent report from the Centre for Mental Health.

What is SEDAL?


The SEDAL is a behavioural assessment scale designed to establish social-emotional progress in children and adults with a developmental age between 0 and 14. Test results deliver crucial information, key in supporting the individual's ongoing positive growth and development.

The test offers the possibility to assess socio-emotional developmental level, which in many cases is below the cognitive developmental level.

How it works

The SEDAL's scale includes 152 items divided equally into two interrelated domains, social and emotional, classified in increasing age categories from 0 to 14. Its broad application is useful for children with intellectual disabilities, behavioural problems, sensory or motor disabilities, as well as children with normative development. It is also appropriate for use with adults with intellectual disabilities or delayed development (up to a developmental age of 14 years).

The social development domain focuses on topics that include initiating contact, social independence, moral development, impulse control, self-awareness, and social assessment skills

The emotional development section measures closely connected dimensions, such as self-image, emotional independence, sense of reality, moral development, regulation of emotions and fears.

Why you might need it

According to a new report from the Centre for Mental Health, prepared for the CentreForum Mental Commission, investing in children's mental health is excellent value for money - and will bring a lifetime of benefits to the economy as a whole. It stresses that children's mental health services need to reach out to those who need them most, and, importantly, need to be delivered to a high standard.

While the SEDAL isn't intended exclusively for mental health intervention, it can certainly be useful with children who have behavioural problems and other issues.

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