SON-R 6-40 accepted to SASC list of assessments

Hogrefe are pleased to announce that the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) has approved the SON-R 6-40 Non-Verbal Intelligence Test for inclusion in its list of suitable tests for the assessment of learning difficulties (SpLD) in higher education.

This list is a key part of the National Assessment Framework for Applications for Disabled Students' Allowances. The purpose of the list is to promote quality and consistency in the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) process.

The approval means that the SON-R 6-40 can be used by educational psychologists and specialist assessors for the assessment of individuals seeking to apply for DSA. SON-R 6-40 is recognised for its potential use across a wide age range (6 to 40 years); few other assessments are available for use with those over 25. The non-verbal nature of the test also means that it can be used with individuals with communication difficulties, including the deaf, the partially deaf, and those with speech disorders. It is also widely used with children and adults who have little or no command of English.

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