Removing barriers in intelligence testing

Hogrefe announce the release of the SON-R 6-40 non-verbal intelligence test.

Using a range of abstract and deductive reasoning tasks, candidates are assessed in diverse ways to determine general intelligence levels — without need for verbal or written instruction. Benefit? Communication barriers are eradicated, facilitating the testing of those with hearing problems, learning difficulties, language barriers, and other communication difficulties.

Comprising four subtests with 124 items total, SON-R is adaptive, meaning assessment can be carried out rapidly, without compromising reliability. Written and spoken language is not required, and adaptive test procedures help to assess and motivate throughout.

SON-R 6-40 correlaties extremely well with other intelligence tests including WISC III-IV, WAIS & WNV. Additional tests with different clinical groups, such as children with learning and hearing disorders, were then carried out. Comparisons showed children with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds are less disadvantaged using SON-R 6-40.

If you would like to learn more about the SON-R 6-40, please contact us on 01865 402 900 or email us at

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