Personality and agile working with ENEI

We were pleased to attend the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI)'s annual conference on agile working in London 11 March 2015. The agenda was diverse and packed with interesting and motivating keynote speakers - amongst them the Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP, Sir Simon Fraser, Permanent Under Secretary, Head of the Diplomatic Service and Civil Service Diversity Champion and Ray Hammond,Futurologist.

As part of the conference, ENEI launched its own the findings of its research on Agile Working, Personality Types and the impact on performance.We have long known that individuals with different personalities learn, think and work differently - so there's no surprise it is a factor when concerning the 'hot' issue of 'hot seating' at work. As ENEI research has shown, personality plays a considerable role in the transition to, and performance in an agile working environment - including personal and shared space, community or shared environments, socialising and support whilst working away from the office.

Thinking about moving your own office towards an agile working environment? You're not alone; more employers are economising on office space and offering flexible working arrangements. Ask us how our personality assessments, such as the NEO PI-R and the DASA, can help with your employees' transition to flexible working. These tools can give individuals the awareness needed to be empowered in their performance through agile working.

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