New from Hogrefe: The Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale

New from Hogrefe: the Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale, an assessment tool designed to measure and record social and occupational functioning in those with mental illness - a disease swiftly on the rise, and one that mental health professionals are struggling to deal with effectively.

The Mini-ICF-APP was developed following the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), which itself was developed to provide a standardised classification of functioning and disability. The framework provided by the ICF is detailed and complex, meaning it can be difficult to use in day-to-day clinical practice. The Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale was therefore created to simplify the measurement and recording process.

Newly validated in the UK under the direction of Oxford-based consultant psychiatrist Andrew Molodynski, the Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale is designed for adults with mental health disorders of all types, and of varying degrees of disability.

“Measurement of the impairment resulting from mental health problemsis absolutely crucial in helping to deal withthe problem - we need to intervene, and to do it effectively,” says Molodynski. “We need to be more sophisticated about how we get help to the people who need it, and certainly the Mini-ICF-APP is a great tool to assist with this kind of intervention.”

The rating delivered by the Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale is based partly upon the patient's own report of activities and issues in everyday life - such as daily activities, relationships, hobbies and work - typically over the preceding two weeks, to allow for a precise measure of a patient's current capabilities. It is suitable for assessing the current ability of patients, and for measuring changes over time - for instance, in the form of pre- and post-measurement as part of the individualised recovery process.

The Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale is now available from Hogrefe.

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