New from Hogrefe: SON-R 6-40

Hogrefe are pleased to announce the imminent release of the newest version of the Snijders-Oomen Non-verbal intelligence test (SON-R 6-40). The SON-R 6-40 is a general intelligence test suitable for the assessment of both children and adults.

Used extensively throughout Europe, the SON-R 6-40 is designed to be applied without the use of verbal or written instruction. It is ideally suited for the assessment of individuals with communication difficulties, including the deaf, the partially deaf and those with speech disorders. Other applications include use with children with delayed development, learning disabilities or those who are otherwise difficult to test. It is also widely used with children and adults who have little or no command of English.

The SON-R 6-40 contains four subtests that facilitate the assessment of abstract and deductive reasoning, the principles of order and sorting, spatial reasoning and visuo-motor skills. This new version has updated norms, a quicker administration time (50 mins) and is less culturally sensitive. The tests are adaptive, meaning the assessment can be carried out more rapidly without compromising reliability. The SON-R 6-40 correlates extremely well with other intelligence tests, including the WAIS and the WISC (r ≥ 0.8).

If you would like to express an interest in the SON-R 6-40, please visit our website or contact us at

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