New from Hogrefe: Griff-it

Griff-it is a software package that allows the convenient scoring, recording and reporting for the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS-ER). Designed for use with the 2-8 Extended Scales of the GMDS-ER, Griff-it speeds up and greatly simplifies the process of administering the test.

Griffiths users who are familiar with the paper record form will find the program simple and straightforward to use. Other benefits of the program include instant access to test scores (including those for partially completed tests), the production of fully editable outline reports with graphs, tables and explanatory text, and the ability to work with large datasets.

The program is quick to install and comes with a detailed user guide. For a limited time, Hogrefe are offering the Griff-it Starter Pack, including the software download, 20 administrations and drawing sheets, and the user guide, for a special introductory price.

If you would like further information or would like to order for Griff-it, please see our website or contact us at

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