New aptitude and ability tests now available! Trial the new Power and Performance Measures – Revised (PPM-R) and IST-Screening today

We are delighted to announce the publication of two new measures of aptitude and ability. The Power and Performance Measures – Revised (PPM-R) is a suite of seven independent tests developed to improve decision-making in recruitment and selection. The measures can be categorised into Power (aptitude or potential) and Performance (current ability). Verbal, Numerical and Perceptual Reasoning tests measure different aspects of Power, while Verbal Comprehension, Numerical Computation, Spatial Ability and Mechanical Understanding measure Performance.

The PPM-R tests can be taken individually to measure a specific ability or aptitude, or grouped into smaller test suites that match the requirements of specific roles. For example, the Numerical Computation, Mechanical Understanding and Spatial Ability tests could be used together when recruiting for an engineering or technical role, or the Verbal Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning tests for a position in marketing or sales.

Quick and easy to administer, PPM-R was normed on working adults in the UK within the last eight months. Contact us for your free trial, quoting code 'PPMWEB'!

Effective and economical, the IST-Screening test is particularly suitable for use with large numbers of applicants early in the selection process. Designed specifically for use in the early stages of selection, the test consists of three sections which quickly and effectively screen for aptitude in three distinct areas – verbal (Analogies), numerical (Number Sequences), and non-verbal (Matrices). The overall score assesses logical reasoning ability and provides a sound basis for deciding which applicants should progress to the next stage of the process.

IST-Screening is available now with new UK working population norms. Contact us for a free trial, quoting 'ISTWEB'.

Looking to order?
Each is available online via our Hogrefe Testsystem 5 platform with discounted options for self-administration (via our subscription option – now half price!) or our Hogrefe administration, which includes candidate set-up and report download. We're happy to talk you through the various options. Contact us today!

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