Navigating clinical and education assessment 'qualification levels'

When choosing test materials for use in the clinical and education assessments, it can be difficult to understand whether one is considered 'qualified' to use the assessments, or indeed what those qualifications actually mean.

The majority of the test materials sold by Hogrefe do require varying degrees of professional qualification - for occupational tests, this is Level A/TUOA (ability) or Level B/TUOP (personality); for clinical and educational Levels 1-3. In accordance with policies from The British Psychological Society and other professional organisations, eligibility to purchase tests is determined on the basis of training, education and experience. This is simply to ensure tests will be administered solely by those who can properly interpret the results - and then feed back results to the test taker as necessary.

If you are unsure which level you are qualified to, or which materials you are eligible to purchase, here is a quick guide to get you started.

Clinical and education

Qualification Level 1

All books and test manuals sold by Hogrefe are set at level 1. In fact, level 1 essentially means that no specific qualifications are needed in order to purchase these materials. Those interested in ordering these items can skip the qualifications check and proceed with our quick registration option.

Qualification Level 2

The majority of clinical and education assessment materials sold by Hogrefe are set at Level 2. Strictly speaking, that means in order to purchase these materials you are required to provide qualification details when registering or purchasing. There is no one perfect formula or combination, but generally speaking, in order to be qualified at level 2 you must have:

  • Certified training and experience in a relevant discipline.
  • Membership of a professional organisation appropriate to the focus of the test.
  • Evidence of competence in the use of psychological tests.

If you are listed on registers such as those of the HCPC, GMC, Royal College of Psychiatrists, NMC, Nursing and Midwifery Council, please include details when registering. If you work in education assessment, details of any psychometrics training undertaken are required.

If you are looking to purchase materials that are set at level 2 on behalf of a qualified professional, please download our qualification declaration form, send it to the qualified end user to sign, and email it back to us at

Qualification Level 3

This level requires completion of test-specific training, for example training in the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS), Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), or Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADI-R). Those looking to purchase test materials set at level 3 will be required to provide the relevant training certificate. Please register with us then email a copy of your certificate to Any customer qualified at level 3 will also be automatically qualified and levels 1 and 2.

Schools, universities and government organisations

If you are ordering on behalf of a school, university or government organisation such as the NHS, we can fast-track your order and qualifications check - simply email

Any questions? If you have difficulty osrting out qualifications, please feel free to contact us or call on 01865 797920.

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