NEOs big day out - celebrating the Big Five

NEO Personality Inventory (UK) aficionados came together 26th October to discuss some of the latest research, use cases, assessment feedback techniques and tools and more -- culminating in a networking event that had everyone leaving high on Extraversion and Openness!


The team from Hogrefe welcomed NEO users to the British Psychological Society offices in central London, with new General Manager Pamela Becker launching the day and introducing NEO-PI-3 UK adaptor Wendy Lord.


Wendy presented on the Five Factor Model and managerial derailment -- explaining how we can use the NEO to explore the 'dark side' of personality. "Dark" personality traits assessed by occupational personality inventories, Wendy explained to the group, are viewed as "sub-clinical" - a middle ground between "normal" personality and clinically significant deviations in how a person understands the world and operates within it. She went on to discuss how leadership has been a major focus of research in the area of how certain personality configurations can cause a person to derail.


Jon Cowell of Edgecumbe Group then explored a current project that the consulting company is working on: using machine learning to explore what 'good' leadership looks like. Using NEO and 360 data, Jon and his team have been exploring what good leadership looks like from the point of view of employees and leaders.


Finally, delegates had a chance to look together at assessment feedback -- including a demonstration of NEO Cards for assessment feedback by concept creator Margaret Macafee and the ensuing discussion on difficult feedback profiles (are people really average? Or are they 'balanced'?) -- before learning about some of Hogrefe's upcoming NEO-related projects, such as an HR report and online training scheduled for publication in 2018. Supporting projects also include the launch of a newly-normed ability suite of assessments to complement the personality measure: Power and Performance Measures, coming very soon.


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