Measuring Leadership Motivation with LEAMO

If you Google 'leadership motivation' you'll turn up some 234,000,000 results - no doubt with varying degrees of meaningful content. But what is clear is that the world is thinking about what it means to lead and to motivate others to follow - and it naturally follows that in the world of psychology, we've delved a bit deeper to develop a measurement for leadership motivation.

The Leadership Motivation Inventory (LEAMO) is new to Hogrefe's line of professional assessment tools, and is the first to take on the subject of motivation. It has proven particularly useful in helping those in the early stages of their careers - or indeed those still considering their professional paths. It can also be useful for individuals considering a career change.

Over the course of 131 self-reported questions, the LEAMO calculates the test taker's motivational potential - as well as their motivational obstacles - to them aware of these during the process of career planning or professional development. The ensuing report allows the test taker to see their own state of motivation more clearly, helping them to make appropriate career decisions in the future. For one person this may mean striving for a leading role more determinedly and for another person it may mean focusing on fields without leadership responsibility.

The LEAMO is suitable for students from the age of 16, those who are new to the professional world, and those wishing to reorient their careers, or who are looking for their next career step. The LEAMO is available online via our Hogrefe Testsystem - please get in contact today for more information, or for a free trial of the LEAMO.

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