LJI-2 (Standard, Global, Sales) now available on HTS 5!

Comprising 17 different decision-making scenarios, the LJI-2 (including versions for Standard, Global and Sales) requires the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action in responding to each challenge. The scenarios have been crafted from the principles underlying leadership theory and there is a single 'best fit' way to react to each scenario.

LJI-2's Personal Insight Report (previously termed the 'Narrative Report') and the Technical Report (previously the 'Graphical Analysis Report' and 'Analysis of Findings Report') have been updated and streamlined for easier use. The reports now available better dovetail into both recruitment and development settings, catering for test takers and tests users with different levels of sophistication and need.

Visit the LJI-2 HTS 5 webpage for more information about online testing with Hogrefe.

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