Hogrefe Publishing Group now also in Spain and Portugal

TEA Ediciones (Spain) and the publishing division of CEGOC (Portugal), the leading publishers of psychometric tests in their respective markets, are joining the Hogrefe Group. Hogrefe has acquired both publishing companies from their previous owner, the CEGOS Group, with effect from 1 January 2017.

The core field of the science publisher Hogrefe is psychology. Along with an extensive range of books and journals, Hogrefe also publishes a large number of psychological tests that are used in a wide variety of fields, such as clinical assessment, human resources, and education. Hogrefe has long been market leader in this sector for the German-speaking countries and is now also the largest provider of psychological tests in many other European countries.

TEA Ediciones, founded 60 years ago, is the leading Spanish developer and publisher of psychological tests. TEA’s catalogue includes more than 400 different products covering all areas of psychological assessment. TEA also publishes therapy materials and books. Other activities of TEA include services related to psychological assessment, such as scoring, reporting and testing on behalf of customers. TEA Ediciones has also developed a powerful and innovative online system for administering and scoring psychological tests and generating reports. In addition to its headquarters in Madrid, TEA has offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

More than 30 years ago the CEGOS Group also set up a subsidiary in Portugal, in this case named CEGOC, to publish psychological assessment tools. The market position of the test publishing division of CEGOC in Portugal is similar to that of TEA in Spain: it too is the leading developer and publisher of psychometric tests for psychologists and other professionals in its market.

CEGOC and TEA Ediciones were until now part of the internationally operating CEGOS Group, the leading European provider for professional education and training, staff development and recruitment. The CEGOS Group is divesting itself of its publishing activities in order to focus fully on its core business. The publishing business of CEGOC in Portugal will from now on be run as Editora Hogrefe, Lda. (Lisbon).

All 50 members of staff at TEA in Spain and at CEGOC’s publishing division in Portugal, the majority of whom are psychologists, will continue to be employed by Hogrefe. Both publishing companies have well established networks of international distributors outside of their home markets. The Spanish-speaking areas of South and Central America are particularly important export markets for TEA, while for CEGOC Angola and Mozambique are currently the most significant overseas markets. Hogrefe is, however, expecting significant synergies to arise from collaboration between its new Portuguese member and Editora Hogrefe CETEPP (Centro Editor de Testes e Pesquisas em Psicologia) in São Paulo, Brazil, which has been a member of the Hogrefe Group since 2015.

Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe (Publisher and CEO of Hogrefe Publishing Group, Göttingen): “The addition TEA’s and CEGOC’s publishing activities to the Hogrefe Group portfolio means that we can now confidently regard ourselves as the no. 1 test publisher in Europe. With this acquisition we have created an excellent basis for future developments in this area. For many years we have maintained close and friendly business relationships with both TEA and CEGOC and their respective management teams. I am especially pleased that we will now have the opportunity to continue and intensify our work together in the coming years.”

Milagros Anton (General Manager of TEA Ediciones): “During the 60 years of our existence, with our high-quality test publications we have attained a leading position and an excellent reputation in the Spanish market. We are a strong and healthy company. Hogrefe and TEA have for a long time had a great deal in common: we share the same values and business culture, the same desire for high scientific quality of our publications – and many friendships. Joining with Hogrefe means that we are now part of an international publishing group that is specialised in our topics. This offers us attractive prospects for the future. Together we are even better placed to master the challenges that globalisation and digitalisation will bring in the future, for the benefit of both our authors and of the people who use our tests.”

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