Flexible pricing and testing with Hogrefe Testsystem

The latest version of Hogrefe Testsystem, HTS 5, makes it possible to set up testing, manage multiple test takers, download results and offer remote testing - all at an easy click of a button. Most importantly, its scientifically-sound testing platform delivers the insightful and reliable results needed to inform your recruitment, development and clinical needs. And our new subscription service is available 1st April 2015!

Quality-driven & multifunctional

HTS 5 can help you to enhance the quality and integrity of your recruitment or clinical decisions and let your focus remain where it needs to be - on the results. With HTS 5 you'll get:

  • substantial results feedback
  • choice of norms and scales
  • data export
  • multi-profile comparison
  • group evaluation (ranking/profiling)
  • tablet compatibility
  • a complete user guide to help you navigate the system

Subscribe to HTS 5 for discounted testing

Both new and existing users of our HTS 5 system will be able to choose from either a subscription or a non-subscription option. With the subscription model, users will pay an annual fee - which then allows them access to a full range of discounted pricing, based on the type of subscription and quantities of test takers they have. Find out more about our various subscription options.

Currently on HTS 5

We currently offer the following tests on the HTS 5 system, for which you can purchase credits by following the links below. Please note that subscription pricing options will be available on our website or from our sales reps from 1 April 2015.

  • NEO PI-R (and Primary Colours)
  • DASA (the Decision-making and Self-regulation Assessor)
  • BIP (Business-focused Inventory of Personality)
  • d2: the Test of Attention

The number of tests we offer on HTS 5 will be growing throughout 2015, so check back with us often, or enquire as to what is due out next!

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