Expanding access to unconscious bias testing

Hogrefe is ready to launch a new version of our unconscious bias assessment Implicitly®. The new test platform brings down the barriers to wider workforce bias testing by automating the feedback process, with test expert safeguards to prevent invalid results being shared with test takers.

Implicitly® was launched in 2009 and offered a core series of tests to measure unconscious bias on the basis of Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexual Orientation. The test suite now includes specific tests for measuring unconscious bias towards different ethnic groups, more precise aspects of gender bias including bias around women with children, and extends testing to bodyweight and nationality.

Benefits of the new test platform include:

  • The capacity for test takers to be tested and receive feedback without the need to attend a workshop or one-to-one coaching, opening up testing to the whole workforce
  • A new 'open link' facility which means that employers can facilitate testing and feedback without employers needing to know who amongst their workforce is being tested
  • Staff being able to have feedback sent to a personal email address, reducing further any anxiety around who may see test results
  • The ability for all parts of the testing and feedback process to be translated into any language affording testing across global businesses
  • A new integrated feedback format which brings together the results of tests to a single feedback report and 'one-click' results sending reducing administration time
  • A supporting '30 ways to better manage your unconscious bias' booklet to accompany test results and an option video series online or on DVD to support test takers
  • A series of new gender-leadership tests aimed at specific sectors including the law, academia, policing and Science/Engineering to support sectors seeking to increase female representation at senior levels

Hogrefe UK General Manager Mike Davis said, The new platform is a step change in bringing the benefits of bias testing to a whole workforce... As important as leader insight is, to date those who directly deliver customer service have rarely been able to get feedback on where their unconscious biases lie and how these may be affecting colleagues and customers. The new platform removes the barriers.

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