Driving recruitment success with psychometric assessments

This article is reprinted from HR Grapevine's recently-published 2015 Guide to Assessment and Testing. You can find supplement in its entirety here.

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) has collected numerous accolades in recent years - presently, they can claim recognition as UK bus operator of the year, as well as having the top national bus driver. But they'll be the first to tell you this wasn't always the case, and when Hogrefe first began working with them new driver attrition rates were at a high.

'The fundamental problem was that we were losing one in three trainee drivers before they even passed into service,' explained former NCT Training and Development Manager Mike Lee. 'What we were doing was selecting drivers and trying to turn them into customer service folk.'

Hogrefe and NCT agreed that a better approach might be first finding people with a disposition for customer service - and then teaching them to drive.

Testing Personality and Attention

This inverted approach led to trialling different psychometric measures, finally finding a balance using the NEO Personality Inventory together with the d2 Test of Attention. While the d2 helps to map against issues of safety, the NEO uncovers matters related to the 'softer' side of the role, such as disposition and customer service.

2 helped us make sure the candidates had the basic focus of attention needed to drive a bus safely through our busy city streets, whilst NEO gave us a real insight into their personality in areas such as how they'd respond to dealing with the public in possibly stressful situations,' said Mike. 'We just couldn't get this type of information from a traditional, and often subjective, interview.'

This approach has proven hugely successful. Since implementing the measures as part of their training programme, Nottingham City Transport estimates the psychometric assessments have saved them nearly £1.2 million.

Your Assessment Toolkit

'The key for me was the support given by Hogrefe, concluded Mike. “Without their help during the pilot process we'd never have worked out the right mix of tests and results usage.'

The NEO and d2 worked for NCT's unique requirements - but there are a number of measures that can work together in any situation. Issues of recruitment, development, teambuilding, leadership, diversity, language, ability, performance and achievement can all be addressed with Hogrefe psychometric assessments.

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