Coming soon: The Decision-making and Self-regulation Assessor

The Decision-making and Self-regulation Assessor (DASA) is the first dedicated measure of an individual's capacity to self-regulate and make sound decisions - often important facets in the process of selection, development and coaching, and key indicators of performance.

Decision-making competence is concerned with the tendency to make timely and considered decisions to maximise the likelihood of positive outcomes. Self-regulation focuses on a person's ability to maintain and manage mental resources for effective performance. While different, the two are closely related and often act together, making a hand-in-hand assessment valuable and informative.

Unlike tests of ability (measuring what people can do) or personality (measuring what they believe and value, or how they behave), DASA II measures how people actively make their own choices.

DASA II uses the latest psychological theory and research and is the first commercial psychometric instrument providing tailored feedback and developmental advice on decision-making style and competence, as well as regulatory focus and resources.

Structured as a self-report questionnaire, and administered effortlessly online using the Hogrefe TestSystem (HTS), DASA II contains 54 statements on a five-point Likert scale, measuring:

  • advancement focus (also known as promotion focus)
  • protection focus (also known as prevention focus)
  • decision-making confidence
  • option generation (that is, deciding between options)
  • spontaneity
  • deliberation
  • decision avoidance
  • self-discipline

DASA II works from the latest theory and research - which assumes critical psychological processes, including decision-making and impulse control, are habit-based and can be deliberately controlled - and offers considerable opportunities for training, self-development and self-improvement. In fact, DASA II thrives when concerned with psychological variables which can be modified and controlled, making it flexible, comprehensive and adaptive.

To enhance the assessment process, it can be coupled with complementary personality or ability assessment tests:

  • NEO PI-R: The gold standard in personality assessments, the NEO PI-R facilitates a comprehensive and detailed assessment of normal adult personality.
  • The d2 Test of Attention: One of the most widely-used measures of visual attention throughout Europe, the d2 is key in reducing performance errors.

Look for the DASA II, coming soon from Hogrefe!

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