Assess online with Hogrefe Testsystem

We are pleased to introduce Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS) 5, the newest and most efficient rendition of our online platform, specifically designed to meet the needs of the recruitment and development sectors. We have channelled our psychometrics knowledge and publishing expertise into optimising the Hogrefe Testsystem platform for use, particularly in assessment and development. HTS 5 is online and ready to support all range of businesses, from smaller start-ups to global leaders.

HTS 5 makes it even easier to recognise and evaluate candidate aptitude and talent. Our scientifically-sound testing delivers the insightful and reliable results needed to inform your recruitment and selection decisions.

Just like its tried and tested predecessor, HTS 5 conforms to scientific standards and offers an online, reliable alternative to conventional paper and pencil tests. With a comprehensive online user guide and our support team at the ready, test users can be assured of getting the assistance needed to set up and start using HTS 5.

We currently offer two of our most popular assessments on the HTS 5 system - the NEO PI-R and its in-depth Primary Colours leadership report, the d2 Test of Attention, the upcoming DASA - and with much more to come. Please enquire today to start using our online assessments.

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