Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) added to SASC list

The Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) has been approved by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) for inclusion on their list of suitable tests for the assessment of specific learning difficulties in higher education in the UK. They also include guidance on using this assessment in the UK.

Some of the advantages of using the AAB include:

  • It is open to specialist assessors
  • The word reading and spelling sub-tests have been more recently standardised than the WRAT4 or WIATIIUK equivalents.
  • The reading fluency sub-test, although it uses a US culturally-specific topic for adults, is accessible and may prove useful.
  • There is useful comparative information relating to the typical performances of 4 clinical sub-groups compared to the general population, including a Specific Learning Disability (SpLD) sub-group.

You can visit their website and see the full list of SASC-approved assessments here.

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