A new easy to use assessment for brain injury

Hogrefe are pleased to report on the development of a new assessment for acquired brain injury (ABI) and other neuropsychological disorders, the Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status (SPANS).

Developed by clinical psychologist Dr Gerald Burgess whilst working on an ABI ward in the NHS, the SPANS is a short battery of 33 cognitive tasks that produce seven reliable index scores (in Orientation, Attention/Concentration, Language, Memory/Learning, Visuo-Motor Performance, Efficiency and Cognitive Flexibility).

The SPANS consists of two versions, A and B, with different but equivalent content in order to present equal challenge, remove residual memory effects and limit practice effects between test and re-test. Also inherent in the SPANS' construction is the option to design briefer assessments around the needs of the clinician - or the capabilities of the patient - without sacrificing norm-referenced interpretation, even at the single subtest level.

The SPANS takes between 30 and 45 minutes to administer, with an additional 10 minutes to score and calculate standardised T-scores and percentiles based on UK norming samples from four age groups: 18-32, 33-50, 51-64, and 65-74.

At present, the SPANS is being trialled in six different NHS trusts within the UK, and arrangements are under way to establish studies using the SPANS in the field of forensic psychology and also with children and adolescents, with the ultimate aim of adding further reference norms to the measure.

To express an interest in SPANS, please contact us at marketing@hogrefe.co.uk.

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