Which ADOS-2 course is right for me?

In order to gain the most from ADOS-2 and to ensure correct usage and scoring, we highly recommend individuals attend one of the training courses offered by Hogrefe.

Am I qualified to attend an ADOS-2 course?

Hogrefe is happy to assist any individual wishing to attend an ADOS-2 course. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns about course suitability. Please also consider the general guidance below.

ADOS-2 training is suitable...

  • if you are a healthcare professional with a professional qualification that includes a diagnostic remit, e.g. (in the UK) a chartered psychologist (clinical, educational, forensic), paediatrician, child or adult psychiatrist or forensic psychiatrist
  • if you are a psychology graduate working as part of a multi-disciplinary team (please note that you would not be qualified to make a final diagnostic decision using the ADOS-2)
  • if you are a healthcare, social care or educational professional not looking to make a diagnosis, but wish to use ADOS-2 for purposes such as evaluating treatment outcomes or evaluating educational progress – suitable professions include GPs, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, SENCOs, speech and language therapists, counselling psychologists and psychotherapists

There are a number of training options available, catering for both new and existing users and for different uses of ADOS-2.

New users of ADOS/ADOS-2:

Introduction to ADOS-2

Duration: 2 days

Suitable for professionals intending to use the ADOS-2 for clinical purposes only. The course caters for professionals with no previous experience of the ADOS, who would like an introduction to the essentials of the ADOS-2, as well as professionals previously trained in the ADOS who require more in-depth upgrade training. Not suitable for those intending to use the the ADOS-2 for research purposes or professionals working with toddlers under 30 months who may require training in the new Toddler Module.

ADOS-2 Administration and Coding Course

Duration: 4 or 5 days - see each course for details

Suitable for new users of the ADOS-2. This course provides comprehensive training on all five modules and the revised ADOS-2 scoring system, with the opportunity for delegates to practice administering and scoring the ADOS-2 to a child or adolescent.

On completion of the course together with associated pre- and post-course assignments, delegates will be equipped to administer and code the ADOS-2 to the level of Research Reliability for all five modules (please note that some courses provide Clinical Reliability only - please check the details of your course before booking). 

Existing ADOS users:

ADOS-2 Update (not currently running)

Duration: 1 day

Suitable for existing ADOS users who have been trained in the use of ADOS. The course covers the new Toddler Module and the new coding and algorithm aspects of ADOS modules 1-4, as introduced in ADOS-2. Please note that delegates must have previous training in the ADOS as this course will not accredit Research or Clinical Reliability.

Training Course Comparison Table

Course    Suitable for new users Covers Toddler Module Trains to level of Research Reliability

Pre/post work required

Certification obtained:
Introduction to ADOS-2 Yes  No   No  Yes Clinical Reliability*
ADOS-2 Administration & Coding Course  Yes  Yes  Not for all courses - check course details before booking  Yes Clinical and Research Reliability** - some provide Clinical Reliability only, check course details before booking
ADOS-2 Update Course


 Yes   No   No  Attendance

* Clinical Reliability is only awarded upon completion of all post-work for the course.

** Research Reliability is only awarded upon completion of all post-work for the course.