Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4)

Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4)

Quick Overview

The various editions of the WRAT have been used widely in a variety of settings as a measure of the basic academic skills necessary for effective learning, communication and thinking, reading, spelling and performing basic mathematical calculations.

Product Description

The Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4) has superceded the WRAT3 and is the latest offering in a test series first published in 1946. The WRAT4 features:

  • Updated norms. (US) Age-based norms have also been extended from 75 years (third edition) to 94 years (fourth edition)
  • An entirely new measure of reading achievement; Sentence Comprehension, has been added in response to user feedback suggesting a need for a measure of reading comprehension
  • Collection of initial data for psychological,educational and vocational assessments
  • Assessment of academic progress over time
  • Re-evaluation of individuals diagnosed with learning and/or cognitive disabilities
  • In conjunction with the WRAT-Expanded, a broader range of academic skills can be assessed for the diagnosis of specific learning disorders through the identification of discrepancies between attainment and reasoning ability.

Areas Measured

The WRAT4 includes four sub-tests:

  • Word Reading measures letter and word decoding through identification and word recognition
  • Sentence Comprehension measures ability to gain meaning from words and to comprehend ideas and information contained in sentences through the use of a modified closed technique
  • Spelling measures ability to encode sounds into written form through the use of a dictated spelling format containing both letters and words
  • Maths Computation measures ability to perform basic mathematical computations through counting, identifying numbers, solving simple oral problems and calculating written maths problems.

In addition to providing detailed scores and interpretative information for the sub-tests, WRAT4 also yields a Reading Composite score obtained by combining the Word Reading and Sentence Comprehension scores.


Although the WRAT4 will most often be administered individually, the Spelling and Maths Computation sub-tests can be administered to small groups. It is recommended that small groups be limited to no more than 5 participants.

Alternate forms (the Blue Form and the Green Form) were developed and equated during standardisation. These can be used interchangeably with comparable results thus permitting re-testing within short periods of time without the potential practice effects that may occur when repeating the same items. The alternate forms can also be administered together (i.e. Combined Form) in a single assessment.

Derived scores were developed for both age and grade referenced groups. Standard scores, percentiles, stanines, normal curve equivalents and Rasch scaled scores are provided.

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Authors: Gary S. Wilkinson PhD and Gary J. Robertson PhD
Duration: Children above 8 years and adults: 35-40 minutes / Children between 5 and 7 years: 15-25 minutes.
Norms: Standardised on a representative US national sample of mare than 300 individuals ranging in age from 5 to 94 years.
Suitable For: 5 to 94 years.
Used For: Measuring reading, spelling and mathematical computation.
Qualification Levels: Level 2
Full specification


  • Median internal consistency coefficients across ages for each of the alternate forms used individually range from .87 to .96
  • Median internal consistency coefficients across ages for each of the alternate forms combined range from  .94 to .96
  • Alternate form immediate re-test reliabilities range from .78-.89 for an age-based sample and from .86-.90 for a grade-based sample
  • Alternate form delayed (approximately 30 days) re-test study indicates that practice effects are quite small. Mean score difference was 0.4-2.2 for an age-based sample and 0.1-0.5 for a grade-based sample.


WRAT4 validity evidence is derived from the content and structure of the test battery, studies with special groups and correlations with other widely used acchievement and cognitive ability measures.

WRAT4 was standardised on a representative sample of more than 3000 individuals ranging in age from 5-94 years.

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