Psychopathic Personality Inventory - Revised (PPI-R)

Psychopathic Personality Inventory - Revised (PPI-R)

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The PPI-R is used to assess psychopathic personality traits in individuals aged 18 to 86 years.

Product Description

The PPI-R is a 154-item self-report measure of both global psychopathy and the component traits of psychopathy. Like the original PPI, the PPI-R is construct valid, time efficient, and can detect response styles potentially relevant to psychopathy (i.e. positive or negative impression management, random or careless responding). Rather than focusing exclusively on antisocial or criminal behaviors, the PPI-R measures the continuum of psychopathic personality traits present in a range of individuals and can be used in both clinical (e.g. forensic) and non-clinical (e.g. student, community) settings. 

Key Features:
  • Self-report measure with 13 year old reading level.
  • Focuses on psychopathic personality traits and behaviors rather than antisocial and criminal behaviors exclusively.
  • Provides both offender and community/college normative samples.
  • Takes less time to administer than other published psychopathy measures.
  • Cost-effective to use in correctional and forensic settings and for both individual and group assessments.

Developed as a faster way to score and profile the PPI-R, the PPI-R Software Portfolio generates a comprehensive Score Report after hand entry of an individual's item responses or scale raw scores. The report displays the individual's demographic information and includes:

  • A Scoring Summary Table, which lists the raw scores, T-scores, percentiles, and 90% confidence intervals obtained by the client for the eight Content scales (i.e. Machiavellian Egocentricity, Rebellious Nonconformity, Blame Externalization, Carefree Nonplanful­ness, Social Influence, Fearlessness, Stress Immunity, Coldheartedness), two of the Validity scales (i.e. Virtuous Responding, Deviant Responding), the three Factors (i.e. Self-Centered Impulsivity, Fearless Dominance, Coldheartedness), and the PPI-R Total score.
  • A T-Score Profile, which graphically displays the client's scores.
  • An Inconsistent Responding 15 Table and an Inconsistent Responding 40 Table, which detail the client's results for the IR15 and IR40 Validity scales. Cumulative percentages and protocol classifications for these scales also are provided.
  • An Item Response Table, which lists the client's responses for all 154 PPI-R items.
Authors: Scott O. Lilienfield, PhD
Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.
Languages: English
Norms: Standardised on US adults in the community matching census data for race, educational background and geographical data. Normative data for male offender sample also supplied.
Suitable For: 18 to 86 years.
Used For: Assessing psychopathic personality traits in individuals ages 18 to 86 years.
Qualification Levels: Level 2
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Internal consistency is adequate for the PPI-R Total score and the PPI-R Content scale scores, with coefficient alpha ranging from .78-.92 for the community/college sample. For the offender sample, internal consistency estimates for the Total and Content scale scores ranged from .72-.84.

Temporal stability of PPI-R Total and Content Scale scores ranged from .82-.93 for a sub-set of the community/college sample over an average test-retest period of 19.94 days.


Evidence for construct validity of the PPI-R also was obtained via significant correlations with Hare's Self-Report Psychopathy Scale-II (SRP-II) Total score and Levenson's Self-Report Psychopathy Scale primary and secondary psychopathy scores in the community/college and offender samples.

Evidence of construct validity was also obtained via significant correlations between the PPI-R and self-report measures of pathological and nonpathological personality functioning, DSM-IV™ Antisocial Personality Disorder, interpersonal problems, sensation-seeking, substance use and offense variables.

Exploratory factor analyses using the community/college sample yielded a three-factor model of psychopathology: Self-Centered Impulsivity, Fearless Dominance and Coldheartedness.

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