Introducing NEO-FFI-3: A brief measure of personality

Based on our leading personality assessment, NEO-PI-3, NEO-FFI-3 provides a briefer snapshot of personality, cutting the the self-report assessment down to a targeted 12 questions in each of the five domains.

Professionals using the FFI-3 appreciate its quick, accurate measure when time is limited and the full-length NEO-PI-3 cannot be deployed. Take a look at a sample NEO-FFI-3 UK technical report. For more on FFI-3 features and pricing, visit our NEO-FFI-3 webpage.

Also in the NEO Family:

  • NEO-PI-3: Our flagship assessment is even more powerful in its newest UK edition – and now includes both international managerial and professional norm groups.
  • NEO Cards: For use in assessment feedback sessions, add a powerful new dimension to your conversations with NEO Cards.
  • NEO Primary ColoursĀ® Leadership report: Combines personality with leadership adbility for a powerful assessment used in selection and development.
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