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Measuring Leadership Motivation with LEAMO

If you Google ‘leadership motivation’ you’ll turn up some 234,000,000 results – no doubt with varying degrees of meaningful content. But what is clear is that the world is thinking about what it means to lead and to motivate others to follow – and it naturally follows that in the world of psychology, we’ve delved a bit deeper to develop a measurement for leadership motivation.

The Leadership Motivation Inventory (LEAMO) is new to Hogrefe’s line of professional assessment tools, and is the first to take on the subject of motivation. It has proven particularly useful in helping those in the early stages of their careers – or indeed those still considering their professional paths. It can also be useful for individuals considering a career change.

Over the course of 131 self-reported questions, the LEAMO calculates the test taker’s motivational potential – as well as their motivational obstacles – to them aware of these during the process of career planning or professional development. The ensuing report allows the test taker to see their own state of motivation more clearly, helping them to make appropriate career decisions in the future. For one person this may mean striving for a leading role more determinedly and for another person it may mean focusing on fields without leadership responsibility.

The LEAMO is suitable for students from the age of 16, those who are new to the professional world, and those wishing to reorient their careers, or who are looking for their next career step. The LEAMO is available online via our Hogrefe Testsystem – please get in contact today for more information, or for a free trial of the LEAMO.



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The Emotional Processing Scale is now available on HTS 5

We are delighted to announce that the Emotional Processing Scale (EPS) is now available in digital format! After successfully launching the paper and pencil edition in 2015, we have now gone a step further and added the EPS to the suite of tests available on our Hogrefe Testsystem platform (HTS 5).

This is a significant move for us at Hogrefe UK, as the EPS is our very first clinical-based test to be added to the platform. With additional clinical and education online assessments already in the pipeline, we are excited to be embarking in a new age of clinical testing, giving our customers extra choice and flexibility.

To bring you up to speed with the new digital EPS, it is very simple to set up and can be administered either locally or remotely. Test users can generate easy-to-interpret Technical Reports in just a few clicks (view a sample report here). There is a vast range of norm groups from which to choose from – with more to come as practitioners and researchers across disciplines are turning to the EPS.

You can find a wealth of background information on the assessment here, including components and pricing for both online and paper and pencil formats at the bottom of the page. Of course, we recommend purchasing the EPS manual to anyone looking to start using the EPS, so as to gain a deeper understanding of the measure and to better interpret results.

If you are interested in using the EPS on HTS 5 but are not familiar with the platform, you can find information here. Pricing works on either a subscription (offering self-administered and bulk discount options) or a non-subscription basis (letting us do the heavy lifting) – contact us to discuss the best fit for you.

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Wide Range sale! How to claim your special discounts on WRAT4 and WRIT kits

For a limited time only, we are pleased to be offering 20% off the Introductory Kit for the Wide Range Achievement Test, 4th Edition (WRAT4) and 10% off the Complete Kit for the Wide Range Intelligence Test (WRIT).

To claim your discounts, please quote the codes ‘WRAT20’ and ‘WRIT10’ when placing your order. These codes are only valid until 22 December 2016 so make sure you order soon to take advantage of this special offer – and stock up on forms while you’re at it!

Place an order by calling us on (0)1865 797 920 or by sending a Purchase Order to Note that you are welcome to use the discount codes when purchasing on our website however we can only accept one discount code per transaction.

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