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Implicitly: unconscious bias testing

Implicitly: unconscious bias testing

Quick Overview

Implicitly can be used to help uncover our unconscious biases and their likely impact on behaviour. It can be valuable in team development contexts, as well as part of organisational audits and development programmes. Implicitly comes in eight different versions:

  • Ethnic minority (White/Black)

  • Ethnic minority (White/Asian)

  • Ethnic minority (White/SE Asian)

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Gender leadership

  • Disability

  • Sexual orientation (homosexual/heterosexual woman)

  • Sexual orientation (homosexual/heterosexual man)

Product Description

Implicitly uses reaction time to measure biases with regard to disability, age, gender, sexual orientation and ethnic origin.

These tests work by having individuals complete online a series of simple sorting tasks involving pictures of different social groups and words. The words have negative or positive associations. The sorting tasks have to be completed as quickly and accurately as possible. Implicitly measures the fractional differences in time taken to sort the different images and words in different ways. These differences are enough to measure the potential for somebody to behave in a biased way.

Each test takes about three minutes to complete and generates a report, which presents a score, compares it with typical outcomes and explains any implications.

Our newest Implicitly platform offers additional features and benefits, including:

  • A simplified pricing structure to make bias testing more accessible
  • Expert test validation, with no need for manual validation of results by test users, significantly reducing administration time
  • Test results sent directly to the test taker, accompanied at request by a no-charge '30 ways to better manage your biases' booklet
  • A new and integrated optional e-learning package to allow individuals to test without attending a workshop or coaching session
  • An optional capability to allow ‘hands-off’ testing for employers so staff can test when it suits them, and receive their results without the employer administering the testing

Visit our FAQ section for further information on Implicitly or peruse our upcoming Implicitly training courses.

Interested in learning more about the theory behind this unconscious bias testing? Take a look at this introductory video clip:

Test Administration

If you require test administration support from Hogrefe (setting up of tests, emailing test links to candidates) please add the £29.00 Test Administration service fee to your order when purchasing Implicitly test usages. Should you require more information about this option, please contact us.


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Authors: Dr Pete Jones
Duration: 5 minutes for each version of the test.
Languages: English
Suitable For: All occupational levels
Used For: Individual development, inspection, audit, evaluation of training programmes and selection into sensitive roles
Qualification Levels: Implicitly Specific
Full specification


Mean test-retest reliability across test versions is 0.83 (N=41 with an interval of 10 days plus N= 12 with same day re-testing)


Relationship between ‘Implicitly’ and an 84 item self-report questionnaire comprising 28 overtly prejudiced beliefs and behaviours, 28 statements from the modern racism research (where underlying prejudices are expressed in a way that avoids sanction) and 28 distracter items. 8 Factors emerged from the self-report questionnaire data. Factor 1 was ‘Overtly prejudiced beliefs and behaviour’. Multiple regression was used to discover which of a number of algorithms underlying Implicitly scores was most predictive of Factor 1. Bi-variate mean correlation between ‘Implicitly’ raw scores and Factor 1 raw scores was calculated to be .45 across two UK population samples (N=318 and N=747)

Score on ‘Implicitly’ is independent of general speed (across tasks) or error proneness.

Studies have shown no impact of IQ. (Gray et al 2003).

Some age effects evident. Older test-takers (>55) showed more prejudicial attitudes against ethnic groups than younger test-takers (<25)

Small sample of people with dyslexia (N=34) tended to produce lower scores and benefited less from practice. 

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