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EPS Norms Booklet - Version 1

EPS Norms Booklet - Version 1

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The Norms Booklet – Version 1 provides information on: • Mental health, addictions, eating disorders, and general psychological difficulties; • Youth offenders; • Chronic pain; • International groups, consisting of a healthy Polish sample, healthy Indian students, a healthy Portuguese sample, healthy Egyptian students, healthy English-speaking students (from America, Australia, and Canada) and a healthy Japanese sample (the samples have wider-ranging groups of healthy individuals other than students, generally encompassing a wider age group); • Healthy community (UK); • Pregnant women at 13 weeks’ gestation; and • A few smaller samples (limited data), including non-epileptic attack disorder, attention disorder, traumatic brain injury, long-term abstinence (addictions), childhood sexual abuse and cancer patients. Information is provided for each subscale of the EPS (suppression, signs of unprocessed emotion, controllability, avoidance and emotional experience) as well as the EPS total score.
Qualification Levels: Level 1