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Hogrefe – About Us

Hogrefe Ltd is the UK arm of the Hogrefe Group, Europe’s leading publisher of psychology journals, books and psychometric assessments. Established over 60 years ago, Hogrefe is a family-owned company, which has grown across Europe in the past 12 years. We combine scientific pedigree with an ability to develop leading assessments.

Today, the Hogrefe Group employs more than 300 people, providing high-quality assessment solutions to business, healthcare and educational professionals and organisations. Our Hogrefe Consulting branch offers purpose-built business psychometric solutions.

Based in Oxford, Hogrefe Ltd has been developing and publishing psychometric assessments and bespoke organisational recruitment and development solutions since 2003. Our clients include UK corporations, the public sector and business and healthcare consultancies. Our success is built on ensuring that the tests and solutions we provide deliver comprehensive, cost effective results. We are constantly improving our products and services, as well as the platforms they are delivered on.

We are:

  • Customer centric – we focus on meeting customers’ needs and developing solutions to meet or exceed them.
  • Wholly committed to the highest standards in test development and test use. Customers can be confident in Hogrefe assessments and their proven psychometric properties.
  • Agile and responsive, with the technology and expertise to deliver projects on a large scale.
  • Experts in the use of our tests, many of which are available in different languages across Europe.
  • Hands-on, providing high quality training and specialist guidance.
  • Committed to exploring and validating new ways to measure psychological constructs, creating tests which reflect the most up-to-date theory and practice in the workplace.