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Introducing the SEDAL

Introducing the SEDAL

The Social-Emotional Developmental Age Level establishes social-emotional progress using in-depth analysis.

Decision-making and Self-regulation Assessor (DASA)

The Decision-making and Self-regulation Assessor is now available from Hogrefe!

2015 Catalogue of Clinical Assessments

Get your electronic or print copy of our brand-new catalogue of health and education clinical assessments, hot off the press.
Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale

Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale

New: The Mini-ICF-APP Social Functioning Scale allows reliable and rapid measurement and recording of impairments of capacity.

Academic Achievement Battery (AAB)

The Academic Achievement Battery assessment is now available, offering comprehensive and screening assessments.


The Short Parallel Assessments of Neuro- psychological Status (SPANS) is a short battery of cognitive tasks for the assessment of acquired brain injury.

Griffiths Mental Development Scales

The GMDS are used extensively by paediatricians to measure the rate of development of infants and young children from birth to two years and up to eight years..
Integrative Child Temperament Inventory

Integrative Child Temperament Inventory

The ICTI is the first standardised and extensively normed assessment of child temperament for use in applied and research settings.

  • Business Psychometrics
    Business Psychometrics

    Psychometric testing has become a very popular tool for recruitment and development. Our assessment portfolio consists of a wide range of validated psychometrics, helping you make objective people decisions.

  • Clinical & Educational Psychometrics
    Clinical & Educational Tests 

    We provide a range of assessments for use in clinical psychology, health, social care and education. In addition to our own branded products, we also work with US publishers to provide UK access to acclaimed clinical assessment tools.

  • Online Psychometric Testing
    Online Testing

    With advances in technology, online testing has become a popular and straightforward method for assessing candidate suitability. Testing can be completed remotely or as part of an assessment centre where internet access is available.

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